“I started at NEO to learn English. Now I'm studying for my HSE. I've learned about opportunities I didn't even know existed.” 


—  Marta, Adult Education Student

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A bad high school experience left Autumn apprehensive to ever go back and finish her education. “I had a really hard time in high school as well as when I left,” she said. She left high school at the end of her sophomore year, and never looked back.

Autumn’s fiance went through adult education classes at Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities in Portage and suggested that she try it out. She enrolled at NEO with the goal of earning her High School Equivalency (HSE) as soon as possible. After attending HSE preparation classes regularly and studying at home, her hard work paid off! Autumn achieved her goal and earned her HSE. She continued to attend classes, enrolling in NEO’s ParaPro certification course.

“My goal was to achieve my HSE and move on to find a career. That goal was achieved along with deciding to sign up for the ParaPro course. I can happily say that I have my HSE as well as my ParaPro certification,” said Autumn. “Now, my plans are to further my education and get into Phlebotomy so I can fulfill my dream of working in a hospital setting as well as advance in the medical field.”


"NEO has given me confidence."