We're going solar!

It's our mission to empower students, and we're doing it this year with a move to solar power!


NEO is excited to announce a partnership with Sun FundED, an education services company that works exclusively with schools to provide sustainable solar power solutions and services.


Our new solar farm (called an array) will be made of 578 panels, each one containing 72 cells. It will be located on the north side of our parking lot, visible as you pass by on Highway 6.

Each year, the array will generate 265,000 KW hours of power! That's equal to:

33 tons of coal

7, 361 gallons of gasoline

212,000 cups of brewed coffee


Beyond energy and cost savings, this project impacts the classroom via Sun FundED's platform, SAMI, which stands for Sustainability, Academia, Marketplace, Innovation.

SAMI is a web-based portal that teaches STEM concepts through solar technology. 

SAMI provides:

Lesson plans for teachers

Real projects uploaded by teachers & industry experts

Practical, trades-focused modules and content 


How is the NEO and Sun FundED partnership unique? Because Sun FundED believes in being a service company rather than being another vendor.

The project is more than installing solar panels. Instead, Sun FundED partnered with NEO to help acquire the funding, facilitate the install, and then provide learning opportunities through the SAMI platform. NEO and Sun FundED remain partners for the life of the contract, with the aim to elevate NEO through solar services.


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