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Credit Recovery Option

The Credit Recovery Program is available to students enroll in another high school who are behind in credits. It is important for the student to discuss this option with their guidance counselor to insure the credits will be accepted when transferred.  If the student has the consent of their guidance counselor, then our program can offer the student a chance to earn credits that can be transferred to their home high school.  The following information applies to all credit recover students:
  • The cost of credit recovery is $150.00 per credit hour.  
  • Student can enroll in 2 classes at a time.  Upon completion, and with the approval of their school's guidance counselor the student may enroll in additional classes.
  • Students interested in credit recovery must provide New Vistas with a letter from their guidance counselor
    • the letter must state the specific credits needed by the student.  
    • the letter must be on official school letterhead and signed by the guidance counselor.
    • upon completion of the coursework, and if a passing score is obtained, the credit will be transferred to the home high school
All credit recovery courses are provided using PLATO educational software.  A complete list of courses can be view by clicking here. Interested parties can call the main office to inquire about the registration process.  Call 219-850-4448 and ask for Mrs. Jennings or email Mrs. Jennings at