High School Equivalency Testing at NEO

NEO’s Testing Center is an official and approved site for HiSet, Indiana’s test for its High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, formerly referred to as the GED and other industry recognized certifications

Indiana's High School Equivalency (HSE) was once known as the GED. We are an official testing site for the exam.

Although students can self-register for the test without taking any classes, we strongly recommend that you register with NEO to take classes. This allows you to brush up on material with the help of our teachers before paying for the HiSET test.

If you are under 18 and wish to take the test, there is a legal process you must go through. Email our testing coordinator for guidance on this (email below).

If you have any questions about the HiSET test, don't hesitate to call us. We are here to help!

College Student
HSE/GED Contact

Mary Lee Carr, NEO Testing Coordinator


There have been many changes to the HiSET testing process because of Covid-19. We ask for your patience while we help navigate these changes and enroll testers.

1. Tests are only available via the computer at this time.

2. There are a very limited number of testing spaces due to social distancing. Please know that you may have to wait for a testing date. The next test on our calendar may be full at the time you register.

3. You must come to the NEO front office to register for the test in-person. You will need to pay for the test when you register, which is $115. You must also bring an Indiana I.D.

4. After registering for the test, you will be given information to create a HiSET account. It is incredibly important that you do this ASAP after registering.

About the Test

The HSE test is called the HiSET. To earn an HSE Diploma, a tester must pass all five HiSET subjects with a score of 500 points. The test is given in two consecutive four-hour test sessions. NEO gives the test twice a month. Testing dates always fall on a Wednesday and Thursday. For a list of dates, check the NEO calendar or check the bottom of this page.

  • Wednesday Testing Session: Language Arts: Reading, Science, Social Studies

  • Thursday Testing Session: Mathematics, Language Arts: Writing

To register for the test, come to our office and fill out the short registration form. You must register at least 2 days before the text, but we recommend not waiting because test sessions can fill. Tests are computer-based UNLESS you request a paper/pencil version at the time of registration.


If  you are 18 or older, you'll need a government photo ID, proof of Indiana residency, and payment for the test ($115 cash, money order, or a debit/credit card). If you are 16 or 17, you must also have an exit interview signed by the principal and superintendent of your previous school.

All students who complete and pass the HSE are invited to attend our annual graduation ceremony in June!

Taking the Test

You must arrive on time for your test or you will not be admitted to the testing room. We cannot provide refunds once you have missed your testing date. We CAN help you reschedule your test time if you contact us more than 24 hours before your testing date.

Bring a government issued photo ID on both days that you complete the test. We provide any materials you may need during the test including approved calculators, scratch paper, etc.

Special Accommodations

If you need testing accommodations, you must let us know when you register for the test. Applications and documents are required for some types of test accommodations. We recommend that if you believe you need these options, register at least two months in advance for your test. We can help guide you through this process.

If you've applied for accommodations in the past, they may not still be valid. Talk with us when you register so that we can help with this.