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NEO Adult Education, HSE
NEO Adult Education, HSE

Plans after graduation: I hope to join the Air Force

Favorite NEO memory: I will remember the teachers.

Moment of pride: I gave it my all and finished my HSE in a month!

Thank you: Thank you to my family.

Message to my classmates: Never give up!

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: Continue working so I can start to save for a better future and be out on my own

Favorite NEO memory: Mrs. Swope and the staff. I never really liked school, but because of the staff, I made it through. They were always helpful no matter how much of a handful I was.

Thank you: Thank you Mrs. Swope, Mrs. Jennings, and the other staff for being the reason I could finish school.

Message to my classmates: Pass your ISTEP so you don’t walk one year and then not actually graduate and get your diploma two years later!

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020! You have truly made history. You are the first class to be forced into distant learning circumstances with no other options available. You have demonstrated true perseverance. Some of you had some real barriers to overcome in order to obtain your diploma. I am so proud of this class. Now here is what I know for sure, because you overcame this, you can accomplish ANYTHING. You are a class of inspiration and you have what it takes to do whatever you want to do. In the words of Dr. Spock – Go, Live, and Prosper

- Mrs. Swope

New Vistas High School Diploma
NEO Adult Education, HSE

Thank you: Thanks to my mother for always pushing me to do better. And to my girlfriend Arayna, for always supporting and motivating me.

NEO Adult Education, HSE

Plans after graduation: I plan to continue working.

Favorite NEO memory: I'll remember most from NEO the great experience I had with the students and the teachers. It's a nice environment and very helpful. I would recommend it to anybody. Mr. Shepherd was also a really great teacher.

Thank you: I would like to thank my wife, Mr. Shepherd, and the rest of the NEO faculty

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: I plan to become a cosmetologist.

Favorite NEO memory: I love and very much miss Ms. Hines.

Moment of pride: the artwork I created while a student at New Vistas

Thank you: Grayer girl!!! I love you! You helped me advance my artistic skills by far<3

New Vistas High School Diploma
NEO Adult Education, HSE

Plans after graduation: I'm not sure of my future plans, but I'm really glad that now I have the option to consider college.

Favorite NEO memory: One of my favorite memories being at NEO is making a great friend and getting to do the work together. Also Mr. Shepherd is awesome!

Moment of pride: I never thought I’d get the chance again to achieve my diploma. Holding it in my hands made me feel so proud of myself!

Thank you: I want to thank all of the teachers and workers that have made my time at NEO special!

NEO Adult Education, HSE

Plans after graduation: My goal is to become a sheriff and make positive changes in law enforcement.

Favorite NEO memory: My favorite memory is when I received my test scores and I felt proud of myself.

Thank you: I'd like to thank my husband for believing in me that I can finish and reach my goals. I'd love to thank my best friend Dona for making sure I kept my head focused and being there for me when I needed help.

Message to classmates: You guys are all amazing. We did it congratulations to everyone. 


Plans after graduation: I plan to attend college. 

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: I plan to attend college.

Favorite NEO memory: Working with the teachers who helped me succeed.

Moment of pride: I worked really hard to finish my work.

Thank you: Thank you, Mrs. Swope!

Message to classmates: Have a great year. Stay home, and stay safe.

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: I am currently enrolled in college, studying to become a CNA

Favorite NEO memory: I will most remember the friends I made at New Vistas

Moment of pride: After having three children, I didn't give up on my education, and now I've graduated.

Thank you: I would love to thank Mrs. Valtierra and Mrs. Fomby for never giving up on me. And Mrs. Bustos for the support she gave me during school. I would also love to thank everyone that knew me when I first came to New Vistas and was there for me.

Message to classmates: We finally did it! Never stop chasing your dreams.  

NEO Adult Education, HSE
New Vistas High School Diploma
NEO Adult Education, HSE
19-20 NEO Team.jpg

Congratulations to all the high school graduates and to all the adult education graduates. Every year it is a happy occasion to see everyone achieve this milestone. I am proud of you all. Because the pandemic forced us to cancel your graduation ceremony, I will miss seeing your smile as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma. This does not make your achievement any less special, and I know you will find success in all your future endeavors. Never stop learning.

- Mrs. Valtierra

NEO Adult Education, HSE
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Plans after graduation: I plan to obtain an associates degree in radiology and to live my best life with my family.

Favorite NEO memory: Though my time at NEO was brief, I definitely enjoyed my math class, classmates, and teacher.

Moment of pride: I'm very proud that I overcame my math anxiety and struggle.

Thank you: I'd like to thank wife for supporting me through out my long journey on achieving my diploma, and lastly, I'd like to thank myself for never giving up on my myself.

Message to classmates: If you can believe, then you can achieve!

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: I have started a job as a sales representative. I plan to attend a Christian college in August of 2021 to get a one year Bible certificate.

Favorite NEO memory: I loved getting to know my teachers and some of my classmates. I will definitely remember giving blood and having movie days. Some classes I loved and teachers that really will remember: Mr. Cvelbar's Economics class, Mrs. C. Williams Algebra 2, College and Career class with Mrs. Valtierra, and Ms. Grayer's Fundamentals of Design class.

Thank you: I would love to thank my late mother for her hard work that brought me to the point that I can say I am DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL! :) And over the past 4 years my dad has done his best to motivate me. I am grateful to have great parents! I want to also thank my neighbor Nancy for all her tough motivation when I needed it!

Message to classmates: Thank you fellow classmates and graduates for the the motivation you gave me! Some you may have not have talked to me, but you being in school helped me realize that we are all working toward the same goal...GRADUATION! Since being away from the school setting for a couple of months, I did not see how blessed I was to have teachers and students that motivated me. Thank you!

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: Complete a CNA program.

Thank you: I want to thank Mrs. Fomby. She was such a huge help and supported me throughout school.

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: Taking a year off to work and save up money to go to college out of state.

Favorite NEO memory: Playing Pictionary in Algebra class, beating everyone in “guess the theme song”, and doing experiments in Integrated Chem/Physics.

Thank you: Thank you to my teachers, and my principal, and my family because without their constant support and encouragement I would’ve dropped out. Again 😂

Kenzie, we are beyond proud of you and all your accomplishments. Your determination is such an admirable quality. You have become an extraordinary young woman and we are blessed to call you our daughter. We love you! - from Mark & Melanie Billings

So ,so proud of you Kenzie. Jeremiah 29:11 - from Karen Billings

To our baby girl, Words can't express how proud we are of you! You've been through so much and struggled so hard the last couple years and yet you kept your head held high and kept pushing though. Thank you for showing us that you can do anything you put your mind to. We love you! - from Mom, Nick and Dakota 💙

New Vistas High School Diploma

Plans after graduation: Attend college and major in math education

Favorite NEO memory: I will remember peer tutoring and working in the office. I felt like a real employee, and I loved helping out!

Moment of pride: I'm proud of accomplishing the hard classes that I thought I’d never get through.

Thank you: Mrs. Williams (math)- you are the one who made me decide to become a math teacher. You do great things! Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Message to classmates: Thank you for being by my side and helping me push through! I will miss you all! Come visit me at PNW this fall! I’d really enjoy your company.

Austin, we are forever grateful to New Vistas for making your high school years memorable and successful. All of your accomplishments are a testament to the wonderful teachers and staff that you have worked with during your time at New Vistas. Your dad and I are very proud of all your accomplishments, and even prouder of the man that you have become. Congratulations to you and the whole class of 2020! We can not wait to see the great things you will do for your future. Congratulations, Austin, We Love you! - from Mom

Austin, I'm so proud of you! You did it! I know you have been waiting on this moment, and it's finally here. I couldn't be more happy to have taught you, build an amazing relationship with you, and also that you were my peer tutor in my class. You did such an amazing job, and I am appreciative that you helped students learn the Math in an easier way. You are so talented, smart, and gifted! I know you'll be an amazing teacher in the future or whatever your heart settles on! Keep your head high and know that you're an amazing person. I'm grateful I was able to mentor you along the way! I'm really going to miss you. Be sure to keep in touch! Love, "Your Partner in Crime"- Mrs. C. Williams

NEO Adult Education, HSE
gradhatArtboard 1.png

Plans after graduation: Employment at the steel mill.

Favorite NEO memory: The teachers gave a lot of help when needed.

Moment of pride: I was able to earn my HSE quickly.

Thank you: Mr Shepherd - he was great, and a big help. He explained everything really well. If you needed extra practice, he always found it. Thanks, Mr. Shepherd.

***HUGE*** congratulations to all the grads!  What an achievement!  It's great at any time, and even more so now.  We know you will go out and change the world for the better!

-Christine and Joel Lehmann, NEO supporters