HSE Fast Track

Feel like you might pass the TASC test but want to brush up and review first? With our Fast Track classes, you may qualify to earn your HSE in as little as two weeks.

  • HSE Fast Track classes are open to qualifying students who wish to earn their HSE in 2 weeks. Students should feel they have the skills to pass the TASC test with a few study sessions to brush up before testing

  • The registration fee for Fast Track is $20. It covers the entire program (and is good for the rest of the school year if you need to take classes longer). You will pay separately for the test, which is $115.

  • Students must pre-test at a level 3 or higher in all subjects to be placed in the HSE Fast Track Class. Students who do not qualify based on their readiness scores will be given the option of attending in person or online classes for studying beyond two weeks, which lasts until the student is prepared to test.

Morning classes

Day #

Evening classes


Days 1 & 2 - registration and TASC readiness assessment



Days 3-6 - study sessions



Days 7 & 8 - study session followed by pizza lunch/dinner (we provide), TASC testing the last 4 hours


Reserve your Fast Track spot by calling our office at 219-850-4448.

Fast Track dates

Morning sessions:

  • September 3 – 17

  • October 5 – 15

  • November 2 – 12

Evening sessions:

  • September 21 – October 1

  • October 19 – 29

  • November 30 - December 10