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All potential candidates for any position interested in employment should complete an application. Supporting documents such as transcripts, resumes, letters of reference, etc. may also be submitted. Please check the links below to view current employment opportunities and to begin the application process.  


Applicants can send their resumes and other paperwork to:

NEO HR Department

5201 U.S. Hwy 6

Portage, IN  46368


Applications can also be emailed to neo_hr@neoadulted.org 

All potential employees must complete a criminal background check. We will notify you when we would like the background check completed. It is $35.00 payable with a debit or credit card.

Teaching Staff Application

Classified Staff Application

NEO's New Vistas High School and Adult Education

5201 US Hwy. 6 | Portage, IN 46368



Fax: 219-850-4445

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