Leticia Munguia

Phone: 219-850-4448 extension 7049


Degrees and Certifications:

Leticia Munguia

Leticia Mungia has been with the program since the days of Portage Adult Education.  She continued in her roll as registrar with NEO when the program began in 2011.  Her connection to adult education services is special in that she was once a student.  Leticia came to the adult education center as a student in need of English language acquisition.  She enrolled in the program's ESL class.  She learned quickly and soon became a secretary for the program.  As her language skill increased, she moved into the position of registrar and secretary to the director.  She has been involved in adult education since 1992 and has become an integral part of the program.  

Leticia is not only the registrar, but also proctors the HSE examination and she teaches an ESL Citizenship Class.  


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