Registering With Diploma Sender

  • If you need an official transcript for work or applying to college, you must obtain them from Diploma Sender.   To register with them you must have an email address and an Internet connection using one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer - Version 7 or higher | Mozilla Firefox - Version 3.6 or higher | Google Chrome - Version 1.0 or higher | Safari - Version 4 or higher.

    You may have to allow pop-up windows for some of the functions on the site to work properly. If you have any problems you can contact them directly.   The picture below is what the home page of the website looks like.

    You must be a registered user to enter this website.

    • Creating a membership account using your email and a creating password

    • Identifying yourself by providing

    • your First & Last Name (at the time of testing)

    • Date of Birth

    • ID Number. (Social Security Number), or

    • UUID# (it is the 9 digit number assigned to you the night you tested.


    You must create your login membership first.

    Once that is created, you are automatically directed to the registration page until you successfully identify yourself. If you return without completing the registration, you will continue to be redirected to do so each time you log in.

    You will need a credit or debit card to purchase documents.

    Documents can be faxed or emailed. You can have them sent to yourself, or you can have them sent to the employer or college for whom you are obtaining the documents. If you are sending them to someone other than yourself, you need to have the proper information, i.e., fax number, email or U.S. postal address.

    An official transcript costs $15.00, a copy of your diploma is $15.00. A letter of verification costs $5.00.  

    Remember, this process is the only way to get your transcript. You cannot get a transcript from the testing center. I can only be obtained from Diploma Sender.