Mrs. Teresa Kruse

Phone: 219-850-4448


Degrees and Certifications:

English/Language Arts Major: Grades 5-12 Special Education Minor: Grades K-12

Mrs. Teresa Kruse


Neighbors' Educational Opportunities: 
Title 1 Coordinator    
ELL/MLS Specialist 



Mrs. Kruse has received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Indiana University Northwest.  She is licensed to teach grades 5-12 with her English Education Major, and teach grades K-12 with her Special Education Minor.          

Favorite Quote:

"People are like flowers, they all bloom in their own time and way."

Why I teach:

My mission is to motivate every student to take a journey of personal growth through owning their own power—to achieve his or her own personal “wings” in becoming an independent and productive member of society.  My style of teaching/mentoring embraces and fosters personal efficacy; all students can achieve anything they desire to do through hard work, knowledge, and skills.  I sincerely expect all of my students to succeed; they can expect me to do whatever is necessary to effectively help them succeed.  Failure is not an option!

A Memorable School Experience:

In Spanish class, the students were to bring in dishes that were representative of our families’ cultures.  My classmates’ cultures were Mexican, Jewish, and Japanese.  It was interesting to try out different foods, listen to how they came about eating these foods, and hear stories of traditions that made us all understand one another better.  We found out that we were more alike than different!  This simple sharing of food and stories brought us closer together as a class and as friends.