Amelia Boggess

Phone: 219-850-4448 extension: 7207


Degrees and Certifications:

BA/English Valparaiso University MCL and TEFL Institute Certification

Amelia Boggess

Neighbors' Educational Opportunities:
NEO Adult Education Teacher
Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Ms. Boggess has recieved a Bachelor of Arts in English from Valparaiso University where she focused on literature, Greek and Roman classics, as well as TESOL (teaching English as a Second Language.) Since graduation, she has received her TESOL certificate from the TEFL Institute of Chicago, presented multiple times at the Indiana Association for Adult and Continuing Education (IAACE) annual conference, completed a state-run ESL-4-ESL cohort, and is an Indiana State ELA Ambassador.
 Favorite Quote: 
"Watch and listen: the two disciplines upon which everything rests." - Marilynne Robinson
Why I teach: 
I teach beacuase I love to. I crave knowledge. When I am teaching I am not only learning constantly on a daily basis, but I am also introducing my students to all new ideas and concepts. Watching their knowledge grow and their ideas form is truly a remarkable experience. I am blessed to have such an incredibly rewarding position where I can foster learning and continue to learn myself. 
A memorable school experience for me: 
In the fall of 2009 I was given the opportunity to study abroad in England. There I was forced out of my comfort zone into cultures I had never previously experienced. It widened my eyes to the world outside my immediate surroundings and encouraged me to think in new and different ways. The art, the cultures, the people and the courses I took all made such a significant impact on my life that I can guarantee I would not be in this job today, had I not first went through that learning experience.