• Plato Lab Syllabus
    New Vistas High School/Fall 2013
    Mr. Shepherd/Room 2
    850-4448 (extension 7283)
    Course Description:  Plato lab delivers the latest content to students through self-paced computer labs for students who possess the self-discipline to work individually at school with teacher support AND at home online. 
    How will my grade be determined?
    There is NO textbook for Plato labs, but you will need to organize notes and materials in a notebook and folder.  These will factor into your grade!!  Off-task or disruptive behavior may lead to loss of computer privileges!
    Notebook and folder organization, classroom assignments and activities, quizzes, tests, and a final exam will combine to yield your grade.  Grades will be based on the following percentages: 
                                  A+ = 100-97         C+ = 79-77
                                  A  = 96-93             C = 76-73                                       
                                  A- = 92-90             C- = 72-70
                                  B+ = 89-87           D+ = 69-67 
                                  B  =  86-83           D = 66-63
                                  B- = 82-80            D- = 62-60
    You will succeed in this class, and in life, if you commit yourself to working hard.  There are no easy roads to success!