• Math Lab Syllabus
    New Vistas High School/Winter Term 2013-2014
    Mr. Shepherd/Room 35
    850-4448 (extension 7283)
    Course Description:  Math Lab provides students with individualized instruction as a framework for success in other math classes and for preparing to pass the state-required End-of-Course Assessment (ECA) in Algebra I.  Topics may include fractions and decimals to form a stronger foundation for higher level math skills.  Student needs will determine the specific topics to be covered. Math Lab counts as an elective for the Core 40 diploma. 
    How will my grade be determined?
    There is currently no textbook for Math Lab, but you will need to organize notes and materials in a notebook and folder.
    Class participation, notebook and folder organization, classroom assignments, quizzes, tests, and a final exam will combine to yield your grade.  Grades will be based on the following percentages: 
                                  A+ = 100-97          C+ = 79-77 
                                  A  =  96-93             C = 76-73
                                  A- = 92-90              C- = 72-70
                                  B+ = 89-87             D+ = 69-67 
                                  B  =  86-83             D = 66-63
                                  B- = 82-80              D- = 62-60
    The assignments will be presented in class and time will be provided for them.  Unfinished work will be expected to be completed at home AND brought back the next class period.   The list of class activities may change and is subject to teacher discretion. Because there is currently no textbook, no specific pages numbers are included on the syllabus.  
    How will the class time be organized?
    You will always begin with a short warm-up activity.  Expect it each day.  We will talk about it briefly before beginning class.  We'll review what we did the previous day, then you’ll have a short lesson, sometimes followed by small-group activities.  Pacing will be adjusted as needed.  We will incorporate as much technology as we can!
    Then you’ll have an opportunity to learn some new information (only really helpful, interesting stuff!!) and I’ll ask questions that give you a chance to PARTICIPATE! Participation improves your grade while helping me determine who needs additional help.  THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS.  I repeat: THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!
    You’ll have an in-class assignment to tackle.  During your work time I will move around the room to continue to check on your level of understanding.
    Finally, if time permits, we’ll gather together for a few moments to finalize our lesson.  We’ll talk about what we learned that we didn’t know before, and how we might be able to use that information.  Ideally, that’s how we will operate.  Flexibility will allow us to adjust the lesson plans when needed.
    How is this class going to help me? 
    You’ll not only gain confidence in your ability to solve math and algebra problems here and elsewhere, but  you will greatly improve your chance of passing the End-of-Course Assessment (ECA) in Algebra 1--the test the state of Indiana requires all students to pass to earn that high school diploma.  That’s a pretty good return on your investment of time AND effort.
    You will succeed in this class, and in life, if you commit yourself to working hard.  There are no easy roads to success, but together we can overcome the obstacles you may have to learning and achieving your potential.